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Thank you for participating in the PA SFI Professional Timber Harvester Training Program. To be considered PA SFI Trained/Qualified, an individual must complete the PA SFI core training requirements within a 24-month period. They are: Professional Timber Harvesting Essentials (8hrs), Game of logging level 1 (8hrs), and proof of current FIRST AID and CPR certification. If your training has been expired for 5 or more years you will be required to retake the core training requirements in order to reinstate your card. A full copy of the training program policy and current training schedule can be found under the "loggers" section of this website. We hope that you will continue to participate in PA SFI training opportunities. If you have questions regarding this training record or would like to know more about the training program, please contact the Pennsylvania SFI Implementation Committee (contact information is at the bottom of this webpage).

Please notify the PA SFI® office if any information on this record is incorrect. Official training records can be obtained by contacting the PA SFI office.
All training card expirations are for December 31st of the listed year.

The PA SFI Training Program does not audit the work of those who participate in the program and therefore does not "certify" individuals who maintain a current PA SFI Training status. The Pennsylvania SFI Implementation Committee (SIC) does not endorse the work of individual loggers or businesses but verifies that they have met the training standards described in the PA SFI Training Program Policy. Participants should refer to themselves as "PA SFI Trained/Qualified" and avoid representing themselves as being certified through the program.

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